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Traditional Rotating Internship

Positions: 20

PD: Arthur Cowden, D.O

The Internship Program at Larkin Community Hospital is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association. This program represents the initial opportunity for osteopathic medical school graduates to become involved in medical education training, emphasizing the osteopathic concept of total health care.

During this year, interns shall complete an educational program involving extensive participation in patient care, characterized by an extensive range of inpatient and outpatient clinical experiences in the management of patients with a broad spectrum of health issues.

Our program offers the interns with a structured curriculum under progressive faculty supervision, facilitating the ethical, professional and personal development of the trainees, while ensuring safe and appropriate care for patients. We offer the interns with a well-rounded educational experience where patient care, didactics, one to one teaching, as well as team rounding are integrated into each day. Our institution provides an ethical, professional, and educational background in which the curricular requirements and the relevant requirements for the interns’ work environment, scholarly activities, and core competencies are fully achieved.

The core disciplines include:

1. Internal medicine
2. Family practice
3. General surgery
4. Obstetrics/gynecology (female reproductive medicine)
5. Pediatrics
6. Emergency medicine

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