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Postgraduate Sub-Internship Program


Larkin Community Hospital (LCH) aims to provide access to compassionate care of the highest quality in an educational environment. The Larkin Postgraduate Sub-Internship Program (LPSP) is dedicated to enhancing knowledge, skills, as well as performance for medical graduates seeking to further their clinical skills in an academic environment.


The Larkin Postgraduate sub-internship program (LPSP) at Larkin Community Hospital is designed to prepare foreign medical graduates (IMG) for the US clinical environment by providing them with hands-on clinical experience. This program also offers clinical observerships and externships.  Once processed through the LPSP office, you will be in good standing to initiate your experience as a sub-intern under the supervision of a resident, residency program faculty, teaching attending physician, or program director (supervisor). As a sub-intern, you will become a part of the team providing care to patients seen in outpatient settings, and those admitted to the Supervisor’s inpatient service. A consultant on the service and the supervisor will determine the number of patients co-assigned to you which will depend on the complexity of the cases, number of patients as well as your clinical skills. At the end of this Postgraduate Sub-internship, the LPSP office will provide a clinical evaluation assessing your performance during the selected clinical block. You may request a performance-based letter of recommendation on Larkin Community Hospital letterhead.


  • While participating as an integral member of a medical team, you will learn to:
    • Formulate a problem list and prioritize medical problems
    • Manage acute and chronic medical problems while instituting drug and supportive therapy
    • Make judicious selecting of laboratory and ancillary tests.
    • Develop definitive plans for ongoing care and follow-up of dismissed patients.


  • Internal Medicine – minimum 4 weeks
  • Intensive Care Unit/Critical Care – minimum 4 weeks
  • Family Practice – minimum 4 weeks
  • Geriatrics – minimum 4 weeks
  • Gastroenterology (GI) – minimum 4 weeks
  • Hematology/Oncology – minimum 4 weeks
  • Surgery (Requires Step 1 & Step 2) – minimum 2 weeks
  • Psychiatry – minimum 4 weeks
  • Cardiology – minimum 2 weeks


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