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Medical Clerkships

The Medical Student Clerkship Program at Larkin Community Hospital provides students with educational and clinical training in numerous areas of medicine. The program was developed to provide excellent educational orientation in clinical environments as a means to develop general knowledge in areas of patient diagnosis and management. Students will receive basic medical knowledge in diverse clinical areas. Students will have direct contact with attending faculty and be able to work with Residents in the care of patients.


Orientation will be given to all Medical Students on the first day of their rotation to acquaint him/her with hospital routines.  Medical students are requested to report to the Morning Report at 7:00am on the first day of their rotation .  The student will not be allowed to assume floor responsibilities without orientation.

Download and review the Application Package  prior to attending orientation on your first day of the rotation. You will be required to sign a document stating that you have reviewed and understand the policies.

A lecture schedule is provided monthly and all Medical Students are required to attend the lectures that pertain to their rotation, in addition to:

– Morning Report: 7am Monday-Friday

– Grand Rounds: Friday once a month at 12 noon (lunch is provided)

– Program Specific Journal Clubs and Lectures

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