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AmeriClerkships PGSI

***Please DO NOT contact Larkin Hospital or its GME office directly for this opportunity; instead please visit americlerkships.org/larkinsubi ​for more information and to apply.***

AmeriClerkships Medical Society, in partnership with Larkin Community Teaching Hospital, is proud to offer a rare opportunity for its medical graduate members to enroll in Postgraduate Subinternships in >25 specialties, fully sanctioned by the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Department of Larkin Community Hospital, in the vibrant Miami, Florida! AMS members will rotate with top teaching attending physicians (and some even with program directors), be involved in patient care teams in both inpatient and outpatient settings, and be able to solicit for performance based letters of recommendation on official GME/teaching hospital letterheads upon successful completion of each clinical block.

To apply please click here. 

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